The Stable…

Yes, this was a 4 stall stable when my folks first started. Maybe some of you old time Jolli-Lodgers would remember Sadie, the donkey? My grandmother, Grace, brought her from their farm on Hilltop Rd. in Plymouth. My father has a special place in his heart due to the numerous trips down the road to chase after the escapee! The donkey that is!photo21.jpg


~ by jolli on October 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Stable…”

  1. Greg, We stayed in the Stable once, I think. It was in the upper part. Are there any pictures of the Stable before it was remodeled to house humans instead of horses (or donkeys) ? Where were the horses pastured ? Where were the fenced areas ? What a wonderful place The Jolli Lodge is!!! My Mom, Angela Dadson, used to bring us up with our family,children,Justin and Angela Tryles,me, Gael Tryles ,my husband Jim and my sister ,from California, Angela wood.I think we came up in the 80’s. Maybe 83 –to 86 (?) I love seeing this magical place on a magical lake. Thankyou for sharing your great photos! Do you still have the old Jeep ? The one used to work around the lodge and pull the float in the 4th parade. I’m glad to see the water levels are down again in recent years. Well, too much ‘commenting’ Thanks Gael Tryles

  2. Hi, Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of the Stable. My folks stayed in there during their first winter and have not so fond memories of how cold it was! The jeep still lives!

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