Jolli-Lodge Additions?

Sorry, but this is not at the lodge….My family forced me to go to an amusement park recently……Anybody recognize? photo10.jpg


~ by jolli on July 23, 2007.

7 Responses to “Jolli-Lodge Additions?”

  1. Cedar Point?? I haven’t been there in a LONG time, but they did have the best roller coasters. Hey Greg – we’re headed out to Glen Lake Aug 11-18th. I’ve got my brother & parents coming this time too, and I’d like to stop by to show ’em around. I’ll call before we head out. Hope you’re having a great summer! – Kristen

  2. Bet it isn’t Dollywood.

  3. Six Flags Over Leelanau????

  4. Jolliwood?

  5. Cedar Point it is! The Millennium is in the background. Coaster heaven!

  6. Good thing its not at the Lodge…I don’t think I could fix that with duct tape…

  7. I don’t know…..It’s amazing what a little duct tape can do! 3M is my favorite!

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