David Who?



~ by jolli on September 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “David Who?”

  1. hope the leland lads are doing well as the season progresses.
    i made it back to soldier field for usa-brasil. first half was really good. both teams were putting on an impressive show. too bad things got a bit ragged in the second half. brasil can get rough when it wants to.

  2. They won their first game tonight! It almost looked like a Brazil vs US match, but not quite! Must have been fun to see the real deal…..

  3. even if you don’t get to see Beckham when you come down to Chicago in October, i hope you’ll be able to see Temo Blanco in action. great, great player. i went to last night’s match against new york. it was a 2-2 draw (red bulls goals on a Fire own goal and then a penalty after a Fire hand ball in the box). each time, though, the Fire came back to score (penalty by Blanco and then a lovely header on a pass by Blanco). the opposition really beats up on the guy. i worry that he’ll be crippled by the time LA gets into town.

  4. Beck assured me he would play! Dylan played his first game the other day and had a great chance with a beautiful through ball……2 touches at a full sprint and he pulled the trigger right inside the 18 only to hit the crossbar dead on! Such is life!

  5. Who was in greater agony? Father or son?
    Just wait until the second or third game. The ball will be in the back of the net.
    Glad to hear that Becks has given you his promise. I trust Posh will be in town, too.

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