MLS Bound…..

Yes, the weather has been wonderful and the leaves even better………I promise that I’ll get out and take some shots on the next sunny day! This last weekend, however, my thoughts were elsewhere…..SOCCER! Imagine that. Aaron, Dylan and I were lucky enough to get invited down to Chicago to see the last regular season game between the Chicago Fire and LA Galaxy. Yes, David Beckham did get on the pitch for around 20 minutes. No goals, but showed his passing magic a few times. The Fire won in extra time so the crowd was happy….photo6.jpg


~ by jolli on October 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “MLS Bound…..”

  1. Yes, very happy.

    Hope you and your boys had a good time.

    I’d enjoy reading any further comments on the match.

    PS: how did the re-match with Glen Lake go?

  2. The Fire definately had more chances and just couldn’t put it away. Donovan was fun to watch…speed! Didn’t have a great game though. Blanco showed a bit of magic with a heel flip pass later on. LA’s keeper had some great saves but was eventually beaten on a breakaway and a classic chip as he came out…..As far as the GL match: Dyl’s team went up 4-1 and lost some momentum in the second half…..GL came back to 4-3. Leland held on, but was a nail biter!

  3. Their inability to score is driving people crazy. Much unhappiness with the play of Wanchope, who Osorio brought in when he took over. Seems to be over the hill. Chad Barrett, on the other hand, is only 22, but he has missed a number of great chances. Blanco feeds him beautifully but Chad’s shot is wide, over the net, or saved. In September there were three consecutive 1-1 draws, and each time Fire surrendered a late goal. And yet they made the playoffs.

    Glad to hear Leland revenged its loss to GL. Must have been some nervous final minutes.

  4. I heard a few complaints from the crowd regarding Wanchope……

    Suttons Bay played a regional game vs N. Muskegon tonight and escaped with a 1-0 win. It was a good game with a few missed calls from the ref. Another coach agreed with me that it seemed N. Musk. was always on the wrong end of a call…..

  5. hey dad this is Aaron writing this from taylor’s itouch

  6. Modern technology!

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