Low Water…..

I’ll bet it’s been a while since most of you Jolli-Lodgers have seen this many posts showing……You would have had to been a guest in the mid-60’s! Snowfence made it up today, but still those red oak leaves are hanging on!



~ by jolli on November 25, 2007.

9 Responses to “Low Water…..”

  1. WOW! Way low water-almost low enough to drive the beach again!

  2. It’s both amazaing and beautiful as always. I believe that post was in the water only two months ago. In the immediate foreground is that a rock that has surfaced above the waterline? Any idea of how close the shallows that are out a couple of miles toward Pyramid Point are to bieng visiable? Thanks for continuing to post so many great shots.

  3. Hi Neighbors……I agree. The jeep made a few trips to Whaleback this fall!

  4. Hi Doug,

    I think it was the hump of a 12 ft sturgeon! Ok, maybe it was a rock! I haven’t been out to the reef, but I’m sure there are spots just a couple of feet deep. The waves sure do break out there often.

  5. Hey Doug quit lusting after those rocks!!!! Pieter and I dove those shallows …..one of our many exotic dives…they were only 12 or 13ft deep a couple years ago…..probably could walk it now…..

  6. Jerri, You would have gotten a kick out of my dunking a couple of weeks ago….. I was pulling the buoy and went over backwards out of the kayak! I was worried about being in over my head with boots and a coat on until I stood up and it was only chest-deep!

  7. Jerri, I remember you all diving out there, but I am still lusting after those rocks and the possiblity of kayaking out there and other areas and picking up previously unaccessible petoskeys. My best to all.

  8. A few short years ago “us mothers” feared the boys might drown out there!……during the very short lived trampoline phase!

  9. We’ve decided to include dive lessons with each cottage rental this summer……..With our new divemaster, Jerri!

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