Winter Fun….

Took a spin in my sea kayak today.  After I was done I decided that there were a few good photos along the ice.  I was in the water for about 25 min. and thankfully  the suit worked wonders. photo5.jpg


~ by jolli on February 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “Winter Fun….”

  1. A new twist on the polar bear club?

  2. I almost flipped my kayak when I slid off the ice shelf! It’s hard to imagine what my head would have felt like that first second or two!

  3. Some people are just foolhardy and there is nothing you can do about it! Hope you are thawed out by the time we get there in August during that nice 70 degree weather.

  4. Are you trying to tell me something? Quite a day today with the wind chill! Had a gust to 52 earlier…..Taylor and I took a chance and drove to TC for a movie. There were spots with 2 ft. solid drifts half way across the road!

  5. I have to know more about how that suit works in those temperatures. How did it really feel?

  6. You need to adjust the base layer for the activity….I knew I wasn’t going far out or crossing a big stretch of water so I had med. weight long johns on top and bottom and a polartech vest on top. I stood in waist deep water for close to 25 min. and started to chill a bit, but not bad. The good and bad news is that it is Gore Tex so it does breath on a warm day with cold water temps. That’s what gets many people in trouble by dressing for the air temp. and not the water temp. The bad part of it is the expense!

  7. Greg,
    I was showing a friend around the lodge and came across this. You are insane!

  8. We have to keep busy in the frozen north you know!

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