Another Door…Which One?

 This one might be more of a challenge….photo18.jpg


~ by jolli on March 15, 2008.

19 Responses to “Another Door…Which One?”

  1. Fishtown-either the old Stallman place-backside or maybe down by Carlsons and the smokeing houses?

  2. The back door of Carlson’s on the river?

  3. I’ve lived here forever, but don’t know which one is Stallman’s?

  4. Not the fishery…

  5. the crib ….. ?

  6. A baby’s crib? The lighthouse….no. Yes, it is in fishtown…..

  7. Greg
    Stallman’s used to be Leo Stallman who had the Mary Ann I think the shop used to be Leelanau Leather at one point in the late 70’s. Just down the dock from Carlsons.
    Enough Fistown history-I’m dating myself. A door in Fishtown, what about the DAM Candy shop or the Cheese Shanty? Your guess next Doug!

  8. Use to be Steffens and Stallman !

  9. the cheese shop or the shop underneath the shoe shop??

  10. I remember Leelanau Leather….No. Dam Candy….No. Cheese….No. Shoe shop….No. We are running out of shops!

  11. The “cute” shop with all the girls clothes. Can’t come up with a name, but “cute” should count for something????
    Valerie May

  12. If you need Austin and I to come up there to figure this one out, we’ll take room 1.

  13. I guess it would be nice if I knew which building it was! The ladder was a clue……There aren’t too many 2 story buildings in Fishtown. It is on the north side of the river and south side of the building with Manitou Outfitters on top. Now that I’ve confused you……

  14. okay now I’m really confused! The Tug Shop or the “art ” shop with the Shoe shop on top!???

  15. I wasn’t sure what store was up top, so I walked around to the street side and there was a Manitou Outfitters sign. You know the fish on a stick weathervane? It is the building just to the east……

  16. Carlsons?!?

  17. No……As you drive down into fishtown, there is the building with a set of steps to get into the shop. If you go around the other side, there is a small shop on the left…..Haystacks? and this door is to the right of it(on the same building) about 20 ft. It doesn’t go into a store, but probably storage. The beach was great today with 40 deg. temps.! I was out on the ice in front of your place taking photos of course!

  18. I don’t know the name, but it has all the hats and leather stuff.
    Again, does “hat” count as a name????

  19. I’ve created a monster! For the record……The door doesn’t exist. It was a pigment of my imagination!

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