~ by jolli on May 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Streamset….”

  1. Greg

    I wondered where the sunset hit the lake this time of the year. It’s still moving northward toward North Manitou until mid-June, I guess.

  2. It seems like yesterday that it was south of Pyramid Pt……Now it’s over North Manitou. Bring on the summer!

  3. Greg,

    The shades of pink reflected everywhere are incredible. Another beautiful background screen for my computer!

  4. It’s funny……I took this photo in portrait(vertical) and then had it as my desktop background. Of course the computer stretched it to horizontal and Taylor and I liked the wide version…..

  5. Greg-the shot was great-where down the beach was it taken? Also looks like the water is down again. Should be up North by the 9th of July! Going to Germany from the 4th of June till the 25th of June, then the Freedom Rally ( a bit of work) then finally to the North Country.
    Keep the pictures coming-it will tye me over while I’m in Germany!

  6. It is the first stream going south of the lodge…….Mother Nature’s Gift was taken about 200 ft. north of your place. My daughter, Taylor, would be jealous….She is finishing her second year of German. Sounds like you’ll be busy….Safe travels. Tschuess!

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