Grace Up Small Infamous Pink Kitchen…..

Yes, a step back in time!  Probably not too many pink appliances out there!

More wildlife today…..My mom had a bobcat visit their birdfeeder!


~ by jolli on June 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Grace Up Small Infamous Pink Kitchen…..”

  1. OK Greg, bears, and now bobcats – a wolverine should be a natural and I am sure there have been some mountain lion sightings. I may think twice about sleeping on the beach and marshmallows are definately a bear attractor.

  2. Maybe there is something in the air….We’ve had a few ant sightings and the mosquitoes have been seen flying in formation!

  3. It’s the melting polar icecaps. Gotta be.

  4. Over here on this side of the Bay our bear disappeared. We hope he moved on to a new home, but deep in our hearts we fear the mosquitoes got him.

  5. What kind of side arms will be required in August? 40 years and the worst we ever had where racoons and black squirrels!!

  6. We are handing out slingshots when you arrive…..Of course you have to pass our concealed weapons permit class to carry…..

  7. Greg, speaking of weapons permits, in 1962, your dad let my brother use his rifle or perhaps a bb gun (I think it was a 22) to shoot chipmunks, that had the run of the place and were causing damage. My mother was horrified, but no inocent children or guests were harmed.

  8. Ah yes, the old days! They are so cute, but can do some damage.

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