N. Manitou Is. Sunrise….

A rare summer escape last night to N. Manitou by kayak….Left at 5 pm. last night from the lodge and paddled the 10 miles out to arrive by sunset.  Amazingly no blackflies and only a couple of mosquitoes.  The moon was like a big night light keeping me awake for a bit, but after 30,000 strokes and 3 1/2 hours of paddling, sleep finally arrived.  This is a shot of the sunrise over the Manitou Passage…..


~ by jolli on August 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “N. Manitou Is. Sunrise….”

  1. Way to go Greg! I am jealous. When I did that last summer’ the flies as you know killed me, and the head wind and waves made my journey 5 1/2 hours getting there. I had the same great experience with a full moon rising and of course the next morning seeing the sun rise. Next year I hope.

  2. Sorry the blackflies were so kind to us….I’ve heard countless horror stories. A few of them mine! I thought of you a few times and remembered your time on the water….amazing.

  3. The ride back is so much fun, with the wind and the waves in your favor and generally steering to landfall with a panoramic view of the peninsula. How was it going back?

  4. Not exactly a dream….SE winds @ 10 mph for the first 7 miles and then dropping. It took us longer coming home than going out.

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