Top of the World?


~ by jolli on October 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Top of the World?”

  1. Is that snow I see? Can’t be! Greg I do want to hear the Blufton story, sometime-for my all expense paid trip-can I trade it for a smore on the beach, more great photos and a spin in a kayak? Happy Fall and Happy Halloween from Iowa! Getting ready for Ski Patrol duty when the snow flies! A-Basin and Loveland are already busy and running in CO.

  2. No snow….just some sleet lately. I thing that’s a dried pond. You drive a hard bargain, but sure.

  3. Hi Greg,
    Kim Easterday down the beach here (next to Paleys) I thought we’d seen the last of the Otter a few years back. I’m so thrilled to know they/it are still around. I love your blog.

  4. Was out working a few days ago and a bald eagle glided by. With the sun shining on its feathers, it really stood out. I also saw my first bobcat the other day crossing the road just north of your driveway…..
    It’s nice to know we haven’t chase everything away! Thanks…..Greg

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