Day or Night?

The moon was so bright tonight that this was actually taken at 9 pm!  30 second exposure…..



~ by jolli on December 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Day or Night?”

  1. Greg

    Wow! That’s an amazing shot. Hard to believe it’s a nighttime photo.


  2. WOW-Beautiful North Country night

  3. Just read on Fox News today that tonight’s moon will actually be the largest and brightest of the year. 40,000 miles closer to earth than it is normally (usually 260,000 miles +/-). You might get an even brighter shot tonight! It’s a beautiful picture!

  4. Ok, so how about some winter openings?

    • Let me think about that one…….Ok, no. Sorry. I don’t know how anybody makes a go of it in the winter around here. The weekdays are dead and not too much more on the weekends. It’s too bad Sugar Loaf is closed.

  5. Reminds me of the Swedish story of The Tomten

    I’m sure there must be one of those little guys who gets to stay year round at the J-L.

    Summers come. Summers go. Please, summer 2009, come quickly.

    Merry Christmas

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