Bass Lake….

Bass Lake is located next to Otter Lake….It’s nice to see a little green!  Thanks Raabe family for the photo.



~ by jolli on January 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bass Lake….”

  1. You changed your theme. And I noticed right away. I suspect we are getting cabin fever.

    The Otter Lake/Bass Lake posts reminded me of a story, and as soon as I can remember how it goes, I’ll tell it to you.

  2. don’t you mean it is by school lake?

    • It’s true that there is a Bass Lake next to School Lake, but there are so many Bass lakes and this one is down by Otter. There is another up by Omena…..So many Bass lakes and so little time to fish!

  3. very true! just thought that might the one by school lake…

    • I remember catching some nice pike out of the Bass Lake by School…….It was pretty funny because my fishing buddies kept pulling in catfish and I kept catching pike!
      Some good fish in the hole in School Lake too!

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