Water View of Whaleback…

What a day!  1 deg. this morning and warming up to 21.  Snowshoed to Leland along the beach to pick up my car.  The sun came out and treated me to a spectacular walk…..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a view like this.



~ by jolli on January 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Water View of Whaleback…”

  1. Spectacular, as always, Greg.
    Love each and every one of your photos.

  2. Thanks….It’s hard to show such a beautiful day through a photo. I was shooting countless photos and thinking that I was getting wonderful shots,until I downloaded them to the computer….They were ok, but not earthshattering!

  3. This is a great shot. Is this taken from out on the ice?

    • Hi Gartens….
      Yes, I ventured out on the ice….It’s not very deep here and the ice tends to form out farther from shore. It was a little spooky knowing that I was the only one around for a mile or so. My snowshoes have crampons on the bottom which help.

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