Bayview, Petoskey….

With camera in tow, I visited Petoskey the other day.  Ages ago, I did a few bike trips to Mackinac.  Usually we would stay at the Terrace Inn in Bayview.  Last time I stayed there it was $18 for the night!  I’m sure things have changed a bit.  If you get a chance to visit Petoskey, you need to take a drive through the Bayview neighborhood.  It’s a Methodist(or used to be) community with approx. 100 cottages of various colorful designs.  They are empty in the winter, so it has that seasonal feel to it……Ghost town-like.



~ by jolli on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bayview, Petoskey….”

  1. The Terrace Inn is still located in the heart of Bay View. Bay View is to this day a Methodist Community. There are now over 400 cottages which do close down November 1st through April 30. The other 6 months out of the year Bay View is an art filled and musical community. Come stay at the Terrace Inn year round- whether you would like to experience the busy time of year with Concerts twice a week, or if you would prefer the “ghost-town like” quietness of the winter (we even have horse drawn sleigh rides through the unplowed streets in January and February).

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