Afternoon Rippin…..

Aaron and I had to get out with the sailing crowd today on Lake Leelanau…..There were about a dozen DN iceboats, a couple of kiters on skis and a couple of windsurfing rigs.  About 15 years ago, 4 windsurfing nuts, myself included, had some runners made for our homemade icesurfers……The boards consist of a 2×12 plank about 5 feet long, 2 skateboard trucks, with blades attached, bolted to the bottom, a slot for the windsurfing sail, romex staples for traction on top and part of a bicycle tire screwed down for a footstrap!  Quite the machine!



~ by jolli on March 14, 2009.

6 Responses to “Afternoon Rippin…..”

  1. And I thought ice-boaters were lunatics. They are lunatics. Now this. Homemade icesurfers. Bicycle tires. Skateboard trucks. Lunatics, all of you. I hope you go out wearing your Quick and Dirty Claws and your icepicks. Would hate to read of you drowning in Lake Leelanau.

    • I usually have a pair of bear paws, but with the ice still 10-12″ thick, I decided my 160 lbs. would probably be ok. I remember going through the ice(chest deep water) when I was a wee lad and promising myself to never do that again!

  2. My heart be still!!
    I grew up ice boating on a small lake in the Detroit suburbs!! I am so jealous of your ice surfing, your ice boating, your snow, and most of all those wonderful “snow days”!!!
    You know teachers like them too!!!
    Martha from South shore 🙂
    ps my daffodils are blooming here in Bucks County, PA! (only 2 snow days here!)

    • It’s a short season here with all of the snow……about 180″ so far. We do have fun! Almost 60 deg. today! Yipee! I took the plow off, so now we’ll get a storm!

  3. What a coincidence. I was just watching ice boaters on Reeds Lake in Grand Rapids 3 weeks ago thinking it would be cool to make a stand-up ice boat from a windsurfer. Does it turn OK? Do you wear helmets?

    • We had to work out a few kinks when we first made them…The bushings in the trucks were too soft and when we got moving along the whole thing would start to wobble…..some interesting wipeouts! I still get the wobbles with stiffer bushings, but not too bad. If I had to do it all over again, I would just go ahead and buy the board. I’m not sure who makes them, but they are faster than my setup and more stable. It is a little different with a concave bottom and two runners running the length of the board. I took a helmet along the other day, but it was soft ice and a little slow, so it stayed in the car.

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