A Landmark Gone…..

No, not me!  The ice has lifted the post from its resting spot of 80 years!  This was the post that stood out above the rest because it was about 20 ft. from shore and always stuck up above the water no matter what the depth.  I put myself in the photo just for some scale.  The ice has pulled it up a good 3 feet.  The boys agreed that we should save it and incorporate it into the Jolli landscape.  Any suggestions?



~ by jolli on March 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Landmark Gone…..”

  1. How about a Lodge/Lake Totem pole with a little plack telling the history?

  2. I’m having a vision of it near the flag pole. Hopefully the shape will inspire your carving!

  3. I like the totem idea, or something that chronicles the history of the Jolli Lodge.

  4. How about a found-object sculpture incorporating one of the old horses?

  5. Hi Greg,
    I think we could use it somehow on the 4th of July float!
    It could be a firecracker!!
    Martha from Southshore

    Actually it looks like a Brancusi sculpture “Bird in Space” that is at the MOMA in NY. This could be the “Leland Bird”

  6. I am SO glad that last year I bought your photo of the post in the water. It is hanging on the wall in this room as I type this.
    I am not creative enough to think of what to do with it – other than to KEEP IT.
    As always, adore your photos.

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