Plight of the Post…..

Post be gone!  I woke up this morning with this uneasy feeling…..I couldn’t put my finger on it until I was drawn to the window and spotted the hole!  You can see the rope leading from shore, over the ice and down to the abyss( 2 1/2 feet is my guess).  Aaron and I took it upon ourselves to attempt the rescue tonight….It was touch and go, but that never say die attitude won out and we dragged the relic from the deep!  The post awaits your suggestions..



~ by jolli on March 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Plight of the Post…..”

  1. Build a cement plinth and mount it as a sculpture- just don’t put it by the trampoline or you might have a kid kabob
    if someone flies off the tramp and skewers themselves! HaHa

  2. Is he still talking to you? hahaha

  3. You gotta keep it, somehow!

  4. Keep it, and have it carved like a totem pole with Jolli scenes. Nancy

    • Sounds like a good idea……We almost lost the post today. Aaron and I had rolled it up the beach and the lake was after it with 40 mph winds and big waves out of the north. I had to roll it up even more. The lake looks as though it is up more than last year…….

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