Fishtown Mess….

Yes, it’s a mess now, but give it another month or so and it will shine.  The Leland harbor is getting a facelift.  New docks, harbor master office and bathrooms for the boaters.  Unfortunately, no public bathrooms anymore!  Leland had better figure something out because we rely on tourism and if there are no bathrooms, there will be problems.



~ by jolli on May 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “Fishtown Mess….”

  1. No public potties in Leland? But, but – surely even in Leland the Public must Answer the Call of Nature.

    In Enlightened Elk Rapids, by contrast, there is a nice new Public Potty at the Park. Fishtown beware – your tourist trade may sidle out of town, jigging up and down impatiently, when word gets out that the nearest relief may be found on the other side of the Bay.

  2. I have just one question- Are there still going to be all the stores like the bluebird,murdicks fudge, and such? i will be very mad if ther\y are gone. it would never be the same for the girls…

    • Sorry, they’ve leveled the shops to put in a McDonalds…….Just kidding. No worries. Your shopping is safe!

    • Sorry, they’ve leveled the shops to put in a McDonalds…….Just kidding. No worries. Your shopping is safe!

  3. I believe there will be public restrooms at the base of the hill as you are coming into the harbour area but I’m not sure how soon they’ll be finished. Better double check your info.

  4. Thank Goodness!!! I got worried there 🙂

  5. Michigan DNR, which provides 75% funding through boat license fees, divided the project into two phases and required us to build the waterside part first. Phase One will be completed this summer, including the new boater services and harbormaster building, new launch ramps, new floating docks, new underground fuel tanks.

    Phase Two will include the public restrooms, additional parking, and a pedestrian promenade along Lake Street ending in a viewing platform atop the flat roof of the public restroom at the corner of Lake and River Streets. Like all construction, it looks a mess now, but it will be wonderful when it’s done.

    Last I heard, the Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Commission, and Houdeks were looking at a restroom solution that involved renting a temporary prefab unit that could be plumbed into the pipes that are being laid to eventually serve the permanent restrooms. Their ingenuity is awesome! We will provide some sort of relief for those in need.

  6. WT…………
    What were they thinking?
    No public bathrooms?????

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