Green Chairs Live!

Finally a summer-like day…..Wind out of the SW with 70 deg. temps.!  Took my first dip today.  Pretty late in the year for me, but I’m not getting any younger!  My legs didn’t go numb, so I guess we could call it bath water!  The green chairs pictured have been a Jolli-Lodge fixture for all of its 53 years and then some.  They were here when my folks and grandparents bought the place.  I replaced the slats with white oak probably 20 years ago and they seem to be doing fine.  Nothing like the bounce when you’re catching a stunning sunset!



~ by jolli on June 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Green Chairs Live!”

  1. I went wading this week – does that count?

    Those chairs do look inviting. One evening as I walked the dogs I saw some neighbors just settling into their deck chairs after the long drive north. They had a fire going, and some drinks, and a sunset . . . and I envied them. Not because I don’t have all those things, because I do, but because I remember how exquisite those things felt when I didn’t have them all the time. I remember what it felt like to be on vacation, rather than just coming home and walking the dogs . . .

    • Gerry, That is great insight and exactly the exhillartion I will feel in another month as we go up north.

  2. I love those green chairs – they are my favorites.

  3. Have done a June dip -it’s a toughie!

  4. By toughie, I mean pretty cold, friend.

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