New Addition….

Thanks to the Lenzini and Irwin families, we have a new toy for everyone to enjoy.  The Lenzinis gave the lodge a beautiful Sunfish and I just couldn’t put it on the beach knowing how our past Sunfish have faired.  I asked them if we could sell it to help purchase a plastic hulled boat that might withstand our sometimes rocky beach.  The Irwins gave us a Force Five sailboat a few years ago and that will also help with the purchase.  Thanks…..



~ by jolli on June 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “New Addition….”

  1. Looks good. You will have to show me how to sail it in August.

  2. Many thanks to the Lenzini’s & Irwin’s. Where else but the Jolli Lodge would something like this happen? I can’t wait to see if I can sail it without crashing into the rocks.

    • You realize you have to pass Greg’s sailing academy to be eligible to use the toys……We’ll see if you have the right stuff!

  3. Bring it on Greg! On the other hand, this could be a real challenge.

  4. Mrs. Irwin sailed?

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