Will It Ever End?

 1980’s….Pancake Range, Nevada?  Utah?  It’s all a blur…..I just remember going up these small ranges and then having to cross countless valleys!


~ by jolli on July 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Will It Ever End?”

  1. I wouldn’t call that a “small” range !

    • I guess after riding over the continental divide, it didn’t seem so big…….

      • I only rode back and forth from college between Bloomington and Indianapolis on multiple occasions, and then Indy to Cincinnatti. I would love to start out now, head out west and see if I could do it now at a pace I would be comfortable with.

        So what year was the picture taken? You look like you were still in high school, but if that was the 80s???

      • I did have a bit more hair then! It would have been the fall of 83. I had 4 years of college under my belt and skipped fall term to travel and then returned for my last term during the winter.

  2. I would say this has been a good life!

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