Lighthouse View…..

Took my sis and family over to S. Manitou Island today……Great weather!  Luckily we were able to get a ranger to lead us to the top of the lighthouse.  I don’t really like heights, but I persevered.  I can’t believe I bungee jumped off of a bridge to the river 150 feet below!  This was only 104 feet and it looked like a mile!  This shot is looking north to N. Manitou Is.


~ by jolli on July 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lighthouse View…..”

  1. I will never forget camping over there with Steve Philbrook in about 1972. Then the lighthouse was abandoned, but you could climb it. I remember broke glass and debris on the inside.

    We camped in a tent we set up not far from the base. A terrific storm came through that night. I got the worst case of poison Ivy I have ever had there when we hiked the island. I am normally not allergic, so I think that might be a strain unique to the island.

    It’s great that they have restored the lighthouse. Even then I thought it was a shame that it was falling apart.

    • My father used to take his middle school class from Glen Arbor out to the island every year back in the 60’s….His favorite story about the lighthouse was when one of his students decided to swing out over the railing at the top and drop down to the next level!

  2. I have to hear more! I didn’t know your dad was teaching then, but it makes perfect sense. Now if we only knew what that student is doing now, assuming he is alive. I look forward to seeing your mom and dad in a few days.

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