Late Fall…..

I can’t believe fall has passed me by without a photo adventure!  I was out riding(bike) today and  passed by this group of trees and had to return.  The sun wasn’t cooperating, but such is life.



~ by jolli on November 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Late Fall…..”

  1. Greg, You underestimate your beautiful photography w/o the sun!
    This picture is beautiful. I desparately would love to make a color print of it, and then translate it into a monoprint, but I won’t let my students take another persons art off the internet, so I have to be true to my own words!!!
    The picture of Erin is wonderful. I see you and your Dad in him!
    Love to your parents, you, and the kids!

    Martha Taylor Newtown, PA

    • If you really think it is worthy……go for it. I just had a lady from Canada send me a photo of a painting that she did of one of my photos! Haven’t had my camera out for a while….I’m in a slump…..Hi to all.

  2. take a drive to 669 and then left on at hte dead end by lake michigan. When you hit Shalda’s creek, look south…i have never seen it flooded and with rapids like that before!

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