Sunset Reluctant….

Strange title, I know….As my few followers have discovered, my posts have been few and far between lately.  Lack of inspiration?  Who knows?  Anyway, to save you the time of looking at the blog for new photos, I’m going to save you the trouble and warn you that I’m  taking a break for a few weeks…….I will be back.  Thanks for looking.  Greg


~ by jolli on March 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “Sunset Reluctant….”

  1. What a send off before you take a break! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Miss you already.

  3. Hey Greg, I hope you are having some good time off and come back inspired. We miss the posts that you have so faitfully kept, but know it is a lot of work as well. I keep thinking a web cam would be a great additon.

  4. Greg, you always show us how to see through the eyes of an artist.
    Your visual awareness(that you take for granted), always amazes me! Don’t take your skill and expert eye for granted!!
    Respites are good, all artists need to rejuice the batteries. Martha

  5. I vote for a web cam, too. But not to replace your photography.

  6. Come back! We miss you!

  7. Greg, I hope all is well. We miss the photos and hope the inspiration will return soon.

    • Thanks everyone……I’m getting the camera out to shoot a couple of soccer games in the next 2 days. Who knows…..maybe a sunset-soccer shot!

  8. We hope you have the inspiration for some shots during Opening Weekend 2010!

  9. Hope things are going well for you. We look forwared to our week at the Jolli Lodge.

  10. Please post some more pictures of up north! we miss seeing all of the changing seasons, and the sunsets! hopefully you will post some more……..we would all love to see the pictures.

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