Breezy Day….

Unfortunately, my anemometer is broken, or I would give you a wind speed.  They were predicting gusts to 60 mph!  It’s a pretty steady 30-40 right now.


~ by jolli on October 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Breezy Day….”

  1. I should have stayed to see this.

    • And you could’ve helped with the 3 trees that have come down! Nothing too nasty, except for a lost section of fence. Need to sharpen a chain tonight so I can play lumberjack tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful colors! I can’t believe how windy it’s been around the Midwest this week.

  3. 74 mph was the highest gust in Leelanau County!

  4. Mike Seidel (from the Weather Channel and on NBC) was in Muskegon yesterday. He said there were going to be 10-15′ waves! Did it happen on Good Harbor Bay?

    • I’m so bad…..Sorry so slow! We received over a foot last weekend. Definitely winter-like out there. Had a great snowshoe to the top of Sugar Loaf the other day. The snowboarding was the best part! Hope all is well. Happy Holidays!

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