Evening Sky….

Things are winding down at the lodge these days.  Still some raking to do, wood to cut and split, snow fence to put up and misc. other chores.  I took probably my last dip of the year last night.  It was a tad nippy!  Amazing that it’s mid Nov. and we’re talking swimming!  The beach is huge with the seasonal drop in water levels.  So nice in fact, that I’ve had quite a few trips down the beach with the jeep. Still hitting the road with the bike, although I did get wet today.  It’s a good thing we have seasons around here, since I’m ready for a break from the bike.  Stay warm everyone…..


~ by jolli on November 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Evening Sky….”

  1. So serene… Glad you’ve had time to enjoy biking in between fall chores and all the school activities. Been reading about the great soccer season and the homecoming king.

  2. How very nice Greg! A perfect day/evening to kayak as well. I’d love to see the beach and be there now. Enjoy!

  3. Pure Serenity!

  4. Hi Doug, Not so serene out there right now; freezing rain and yuck! All in all it’s been a pretty nice fall. I did get out on my road bike today for maybe the last time of the season. Temp. was around 35 deg. The beach continues to grow. I can see about 3 or 4 posts now. Tried to pull the buoy out the other day and the blocks are buried in the sand. Might have to don the scuba equipment one last time and do some digging. Hope all is well down your way. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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