Hi all…..  Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately.  I battled the flu bug for quite a few days and then I had a tragic snow angel injury!  Yes, after all of my extreme sports and abuse to my body, I was taken down by an angel!  I was snowshoeing about 1 1/2 weeks ago and stopped to do a snow angel(so I could take a photo for a little friend).  As I was getting up and trying not to wreck my masterpiece, my knee gave out!  I couldn’t move and my boys had to come from school to drag me out of the woods with a sled!  ER visit, then 5 days to see the orthopedic specialist, a couple of days till MRI, then 5 more days to see the ortho guy again and possible surgery this Thur.!  I am waiting on that second ortho visit to find out the good news.  I guess if it had to happen then winter is not such a bad season.  Hope all is well with everyone…..


~ by jolli on January 30, 2011.

14 Responses to “Jolli-Winter….”

  1. What a bummer! We will keep you in thoughts and prayers. Take care and hope the recovery is a quick one.

  2. Hi Greg- Sorry to hear about the snow angel mishap! I had an MRI on my left knee
    last year at this time, no surgery yet-all those years of skiing are startin to add up!
    Hope the 2nd mtg goes well! Take Care!


    • Of course I’ve heard the comment about getting older……The big 50 is only a month away! Looking forward to that AARP card! Skiing does take a toll. Thanks….

  3. Hey Greg~~I can relate & sympathize! Tore the meniscus in my knee couple yrs. ago~~had to take 1 last pic of our arborvitae tree w/its strand of Christmas lights glowing through our 21″ snowfall/snowblobs. Went down on my knee but saved my new camera. If only I could reverse that! Could see Merle through front window watching tv~~he thought all the yelling was from the movie he was watching. I crawled to the house!~~Those Jolli steps seemed a lot steeper last season!~~Judy Feller

    • Yikes! At least you weren’t far away from the house and I’m sure they weren’t easy yards to crawl. Find out in the morning what the MRI says……

  4. “Good grief!” as Charlie Brown would say. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as well. Take care.

  5. The AARP card is Great! Good Luck tomorrow! Big Blizzard watch here in Iowa! School or no school that is the question!

  6. Do you think this will melt in time for s’more .

  7. Hey Greg, We hope to hear some good news on this, and that you can enjoy Florida. Sally had that and her ACL torn last year and happy to report that she has healed well. Stil it’s a lot of work. We will be thinking of you and hoping for a quick recovery. Give my best to your folks and kidos.

  8. Greg! After all those years…”taken down by an angel”! Isn’t that always the way? So by now you know more about your injury, and I hope whatever it is, you make a complete recovery and are able to return to living the Jolli life again soon!
    The beach photo is lovely! Thanks so much for sharing it. So did you get a great photo of the snow angel?!? 🙂

    • Foiled by the angel! No, the shot never happened. Found out yesterday that the meniscus was indeed torn and folded back into the joint. Also, acl damaged and needs to be reconstructed. I’m headed to FL on the 10th, so doesn’t want to do it till I get back on the 17th. Nothing like vacationing on crutches! No windsurfing for a stretch here;( Afraid even less photos will be finding their way to the blog in the next month or so. Although, I might want to get creative spending so much time recuperating. Only time will tell. Thanks for all of the support.

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