Playing with the infrared the other day.  Knee getting better by the day…..I was tempted for a moment yesterday when my anemometer hit 50 mph!  The windsurfing would have been fast:)  By the way……I’m headed to S. Bar Lake for a polar bear dip today!  Could be a bit nippy!


~ by jolli on February 19, 2011.

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  1. COOL photo! i can’t wait to hear about S Bar Lake experience. always wanted to be in Empire for that festival event! instead we were in nice, warm Grand Chili Cookoff Contest tent in Traverse. 1/2 of us didn’t relish the thought of the dip! i’ll bet you’ve done it before, greg?!?

    • The dip went well…I was amazed at the 30 or so people standing there watching! There were maybe a little more than a dozen of us that went in. I was expecting more of a shock, but I guess being a true local boy with many years of Lake Michigan dips under my belt, I didn’t feel overly cold. Of course I didn’t do the backstroke or anything, but the head definitely went under! After all, it’s not a true swim unless the head takes a dive! The hot chocolate afterwards was nice. I would do it again, in fact my girlfriend mentioned another polar dip this next weekend! Maybe there is a polar bear circuit!

  2. Glad your knee is getting better. Did the polar bear ice therapy help?

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