Hi all………10 of you:)  Sorry, I just haven’t been using the camera lately.  First day of summer!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo…..a little chilly, cloudy, rainy and just plain fall-like:(  I did get into the lake today, but after 4 days of offshore winds, the warm surface water had left us with the cold bottom water!  Ok, I am pretty hardy, but I have to say that it did get my heart racing!  Had our first smore roast of the season last Sun.  The rain held off to the delight of a few chocolate/marshmallow covered faces:)  The beach is hanging in there……We’ve lost probably 20 feet of beach in the last 2 months due to the seasonal rise and also the rainy spring.  Don’t fret….there is still plenty left.  In fact, I took the jeep along the beach to Whaleback yesterday!  We still have a 3 units open in July if anyone is looking.  See you soon…..  PS  Photo is of youngest son doing his thing……just a few years ago:)


~ by jolli on June 21, 2011.

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