Located on the shore of Lake Michigan’s Good Harbor Bay in beautiful Leelanau County, Jolli-Lodge is a classic resort that offers visitors the perfect “home base” from which to partake of three seasons of vacation fun. Nestled amidst the trees just 3 miles south of Leland, we offer a variety of lodging choices for groups large and small. Give us a call @ 1-888-256-9291.

Hi Everyone,

This year is the 53rd anniversary of the Jolli-Lodge! My parents and grandparents started together in the early spring of 1956. I’ve threatened to write a book someday with all of the fun and not-so-fun stories that have transpired over the years. Maybe some day! For now, you will have to put up with my love for photography and the area. Hope you enjoy!!

If you see a photo that catches your eye, they are now for sale. Photo sizes are: 5×7(7 3/4×9 3/4 matted) for $25, 8×12(12×16 matted) for $40, 10×15(16×20 matted) for $60 plus $5 shipping and handling. They come matted in a white mat with a foam core backing, signed and clear-bagged. The paper is Kokak Endura Metallic which give the photos a glossy-pearlescent appearance. Kodak states a 100 year life. Satisfaction guaranteed. Approx. 2-3 weeks delivery. Great Christmas or birthday present!



More at the Jolli Lodge web site.


27 Responses to “About”

  1. Greg,
    The photos are looking great. I can hardly stand the wait to come up and visit. With work and all of life’s other stresses, it is my favorite thing to hear the water lapping up on the shore, all while getting away from computers, phones, etc.
    Cheers till then. Tell everyone I say hello!

  2. Greg,

    I have checked out the photo’s and the site. Awesome! I can’t wait until Friday to be up here and enjoy it all. I having a feeling I won’t want to go home. We you adopt me!!!!

  3. that would be WILL you adopt me????

  4. Growing up I shared some of my most favorite memories with my family at the Jolli Lodge. Here’s to 50 more years!

  5. Greg,
    Your blog has been wonderful! We check it frequently and it simply re-enforces my love for Jolli Lodge, your family, friends, and so many fond memories. I am so happy my son Austin has had this opportunity to look forward to our vacations there every year.

    Your parents are so awesome! It is hard for me to fully comprehend the continuity you have maintained, but thank you. By all means write the book or stories when you can.

    50 years is an incrdible milestone. I wish my parents were still alive to tell me how we found your wonderful place, but it has had an inedelible impact on my life.

  6. Hi Greg, What a fantastic blog about Lake Michigan’s hidden gem! I’m in Germany this year and will miss out on the Taylor family’s 27th year in South Shore. But you can bet that I will be back for year 28!
    Kind Regards,
    Erin Taylor

  7. Greg:

    Even though it has been years since the Stringer family has spent a week in Northshore, my time at the Jolli-Lodge remains some of my best memories.

    Now that I’m married, I’m looking forward to spending time again at the Jolli-Lodge with my wife (and hopefullly, soon, kids) . . .

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. It’s nice to take a minute at work and imagine I’m back at the Lodge again.

    Corey Stringer
    Franklin, Tennessee

  8. I appreciate your ability to keep up with new technology (wifi, this blog) while maintaining the wonderfully natural atmosphere of the Lodge. Thanks for making this blog, because I’ll now be able to enjoy the Lodge the 50 weeks out of the year.

    Here’s to the last bastion of heaven on earth!


  9. Corey,
    Nice to hear from you……Married…..Congrats! Had the marshmallow roast tonight and they ate me out of house and home!

    Take care…..Greg

  10. Love the pictures- but makes us miss it so much. We would normally be leaving for your place tomorrow. Last couple of years have kept us from going due to illnesses in the family. Hope to make it there next year. You all have to have one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven with us all. Take care and God Bless!

    Joe & Amy Feller & kids/ Merle & Judy Feller/ Jim & Karen Pierce/
    Robert & Angie Evans & kids

  11. These pictures are fantastic. I cannot wait to head up north to the lodge this summer just to be able to get away from it all. I wish it would just come faster. I’m just itching to get my camera and take pictures of the fantastic sunsets. Well, see you all in little more than a month!

  12. Thanks……I’ll save a few sunsets for you.

  13. Hi Greg…

    Just stumbled upon your blog as I was recommending the Jolli-Lodge to my boyfriend’s family who does an annual vacation. As you may know, I’m out in California and loving it. I saw a picture of one of your kids on your blog…sure makes me feel old!!! I was babysitting them when they were in diapers!

    Anyhow, it looks like The Lodge hasn’t changed much and I hope it never does. My parents keep begging me to come join them each year and maybe next year will be the year when it finally comes together.

    It’s great seeing the pictures and I’ll continue recommending Jolli-Lodge!!!

    Take care,

    Emily Townsend

  14. Hi Emily…..

    So if you’re feeling old, what does that make me! It’s all in your mind! It’s true, the Jolli-Lodge remains the same. I’m sure we’ll see you next year! Greg

  15. Hi there!

    Someone sent me your site when explaining to me about Tiburon.

    You have a photo of Muir beach in March. It has a perfect sun in the picture. I have never taken photography classes or anything, but wondering if it is a quick explanation of how you took that pic and got the sun rays in there? It really was beautiful.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  16. I guess I have to say I was lucky! I believe it is caused by using a small aperature f-18. Years ago I used to use a star filter to get the same look. Thanks for looking!

  17. Meli Kaliki Maka to all the Jolliffe Family from the Schoeller Family

  18. Hi to All……Happy New Year!

  19. Hi Greg and family,
    I have to say, I am incredibly WOWED (you know, like WOW in a big way) by your photos. They are fantastic! I have been focusing on photography recently and have started selling some of my travel and flower photos at a local Saturday market in Idaho. It’s very low-key but fun. Thus far, it’s a good thing I’m doing it for the fun and not the mula, or it wouldn’t be a pretty picture, so to speak. I’m coming to Michigan from July 23-Aug.1, and you’ve inspired me to make the trip a real photo shoot. I do want to talk to you about perhaps staying in the lodge during the last part of my stay. I’ll be in touch!

  20. Hi Maggie….Great to hear from you! Thanks for the wow…..I’m having fun with it. I’d love to see some of your photos. It’s a little busy in the lodge except for the 27th or the 23rd. If the lodge doesn’t work out, make sure to stop by! Greg

  21. Hi, I happened upon your site randomly surfing some blogs. What an awesome find! I vacationed once in Michigan’s UP and am from Indiana, so I have a natural love for the lake shore, the dunes and God’s beautiful creation…having an ever-growing love photography just made me that much more excited about your page! Beautiful pictures, Greg. May I ask what your equipment is? I’m a newbie, so I’m all digital (Pentax K200D). I’m guessing you’re no novice at picture taking…it’s been fun to guess at the settings you’ve used in your pictures! ::grin::

    And I love the lodge! It’s beautiful! I’m thinking of doing some arm-twisting for a trip there sometime.


  22. Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for looking……I’ve been to photo workshops in NM and CA and the people are always amazed at the photos of the beauty of this area. After having spent my life along the shore of Lake Michigan, I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

    Most of my shots have been with Nikon digital slr’s…….Cameras are computers these days…..2 years and the next greatest thing comes along. It’s hard not to get caught up in the tech-race. As they say, ‘It’s not the camera’, but..

    Keep shooting! Greg

  23. Greg,
    I only learned on infrared photography from this blog, so I am desperately curious now! Since you’re also shooting with an SLR, may I assume that you are using the infrared option on the camera? I have tinkered around with mine and am having no luck getting the effects you get in yours. Then I thought it might be a Photoshop effect…would you be willing to divulge the secret of this crafty shooting to an over-eager novice? {wink, wink}

  24. Jenn, There are a few different ways to do it…..I didn’t want to sell my 2 year old camera for 1/2 of what I paid, so I sent it to a company that replaces the filter covering the sensor in the camera. The camera will only take IR from then on. It’s a little pricey, but probably the best result. Photoshop is possible and also buying a filter for the front of the camera. Check out LifePixel conversions.

  25. I asked if there were filters available to shoot in IR and was told no. I’ll have to continue my research. Won’t be changing the filter over the sensor since my camera is only a few months new! 🙂 I’ll keep fiddling around and see what I can come up with.

    Was looking at your recent post of the Jolli entrance and thought it would be a neat effect if soft focused.


  26. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. It gives me a nice dose of Up North, and without any of the catty posturing and condescending lecturing that comes along with “The Leland Report”. Please keep up the good work! My wife and I are thinking of stopping by for a night or two in 2009.

  27. Thanks for checking it out….Greg

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