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December 5, 2017

Hi All,

2018 is almost upon us!   The Jolli lives on:)

I am currently working on our annual letter and it should be out within the week.

Note:  If you would like to see some photos of the interiors and exteriors, look to the right column of this page under the category list.  There are a couple of links near the bottom that are titled ‘unit interiors’ and ‘unit exteriors’.

Remember, we do also have 6 small rooms by the night…



We open May 18. There are 15 cott/apts. that are rented for a 2 night min. up until June 16. We then go by the week only until Sept. 1 and then go back to the 2 night min. These units range $120-250/night depending on time of week and size of unit. During the summer the cottages/apts. range $1300-2900/week. We will close on Oct. 29. We also have 6 small rooms in the main lodge that are rented by the night @ $95-100 during the spring and fall. During the summer they go $115-120/night. All prices do not include 6% sales tax. Prices subject to change. Note: We do not have air conditioning…..Our air conditioning is supplied by Lake Michigan breezes:)

Feel free to contact us with our toll free number: 1-888-256-9291 or email jolli@chartermi.net Also, check out and join our Jolli-Lodge Facebook group! endtag

Jolli Lodge
Toll Free: 1-888-256-9291


Winter Sunshine….

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Sun Sickles 5


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They called from across the road and were wondering if they could get to the lake so the horses could drink and play……

Morgan Creek…..

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Morgan Creek…..

Taken in Marquette a couple of weeks ago….

Iced Sunset….

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Iced Sunset….

Winter Sunset….

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Winter Sunset….

Lodge Hibernation….

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Lodge Hibernation….

Only 188 inches of snow so far this winter! Our average is 140 and our record snowfall is around 230 inches. We just might break that one!